Infant Care

We offer Infant Care at each of our four locations. Children are in our Infant Program from the age of six weeks to 18 months. Our Infant Teachers follow all State of Nebraska Child Care Ratios and they LOVE what they do!

  • Our Infant Rooms offer rocking chairs to be used for feeding times as well as rocking your child to sleep

  • Since we only accept infants on a full time basis, each infant has their own crib and crib toys

  • Diapers are changed as needed and all infant diapers are checked on an hourly basis

  • Strict hygiene is followed in our infant rooms, such as, wearing latex gloves for diaper changings, multiple hand-washings, and thorough cleaning of bedding and disinfecting of any shared toys

  • We have a great variety of educational and engaging toys for all of our infants to enjoy

  • Our teachers interact with the infants-playing on the floor with them, holding them, talking with them, feeding them, and rocking them


Year Round Preschool

  • Professional Preschool - We have a highly developed preschool program but also hit the basics very well, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.

  • Developed by an Early Childhood Educator with constant inflow of new information as well as having over 20 years of experience to build on.

  • Monthly Topics - We have monthly topics that are seasonally themed, such as fall, winter, summer, and spring.

  • Weekly Themes - Our weekly themes are based on information from our monthly topics as well as concentrating on a certain number, letter, color or shape.

  • Daily Events - The Daily Events are loaded with teachings about our topics for the month and day but also have a totally fun side that the kids love.

  • Covering Gross Motor Skills - HOP, SKIP, AND JUMP!

  • Fine Motor Skills - CUTTING AND PASTING! 

  • Cognitive Skills - Functions such as thinking, learning, awareness, judgement, and processing information.

  • Sharing & Caring

  • Included in the 1/2 Day, Daily, & Weekly Rates!


After School Care

  • Provides a place to work on homework, with supervision and help if needed.
  • Provides time to have fun after the school day and have an opportunity to play with friends

  • After School Transportation

  • Enrichment activities designed for fun education are provided on early release and no school days

Safe & Secure Locations

  • Secure Main Entrances

  • Door Codes Used for Entry

  • Staff is Trained to Watch for Unknown Persons 

  • Fire Alarm System at Each Location

  • Sign-In & Sign-Out Procedures