Meet our Directors!


Patty McClanthan

Director of our 156th and Dodge Location

Hello! I have lived in Nebraska for 39 years.  I'm married and have four children of my own, and 9 grandchildren. I have worked in child care field for 27 years. In those 27 years I have worked at every level one can work in a child care center before becoming a Director. I have earned my Child Development Associates Degree and have worked with children of all ages.  I have always enjoyed the days I get to spend with the children. I love interacting and just having fun. I love my job, no day is ever the same. One thing I've learned from being a child care Director, is that not only are we here to help the children learn, but that they have so much to teach me and my staff as well.



Kala Clayter Whitaker

Director of our 106th and Fort Location

Hello! I have been with It's A Wonderful World for over 14 years. I have worked in all areas of child care, from infants to school age, to management. I have always enjoyed working with children, and watching them grow. Each day is a new experience, and I try to make sure that each child gets the most out of it. My staff and I work hard to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for the kids under our care. Each member of my staff is incredibly capable, and I'm lucky to have them helping me. Feel free to stop by whenever you want!